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We do everything, from renovating a kitchen to hanging a picture up for you! Our property maintenance services make it simple and easy for you to get all the jobs you need to be resolved, all in one go, no matter if they’re big or small.

Exterior Maintenance services

Gutter cleaning

We have access to our large gutter vacuum, which is able to reach multiple stories from the ground, as well as being able to clean above conservatories.

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Pressure washing

We offer decking and patio cleaning, as well as driveways, pavements, fences, walls and garden furniture, using our pressure washer machine and expertise.

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We undertake all gardening services, as well as fencing, to leave your garden tidy and peaceful again.

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We have the expertise to clean your windows inside and out, leaving them clear and immaculate again.

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Interior Maintenance

Carpet cleaning

We have the experience and expertise to offer top-quality carpet cleaning services, with outstanding results. We use the most efficient machines, the highest quality products and eco-friendly chemicals to eliminate stubborn stains on your rugs and carpets, keeping your carpets fresh, clean and bright.

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We clean sofas, chairs, curtains and anything upholstered by using latest upholstery cleaning method and determine which one to perform depending on your upholstery fabric type. We use professional products that are environmentally friendly and safe for use at your home. We guarantee high-quality results.
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Hard Floor Polish

We polish a wide range of natural stone including limestone, marble and granite. Our knowledge of different floor types enable us to restore any hard floor. We use industrial diamond polishing machinery to bring back the initial shine. Upon visit we will asses your flooring and advice best system to use to get your floor back to origin again.
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Floor sanding

From sanding wooden floors to floor restoration we have got it covered. Floor sanding levels out worn areas on high level traffic or old floor. It removes scratches and other imperfection which lead to a dull appearance. We remove the old layers of varnish and apply new durable finish to bring out the natural patterns and grains in the wood. Upon visit we will asses your flooring and advice best system to use to get your floor back to origin again.
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Contract block cleaning

Our building cleaning services are available to property management through out London. We tailor all of our services to each individual client project. Our communal block cleaning services ensure that your lobbies, stairways and corridors remain top condition. Our team can visit daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.
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End of Tenancy Services

Fridge & freezer

We can clean your fridge and freezer inside and out, including all of the shelves. Your fridge or freezer will be left looking immaculate, with the door open and switched off.

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We’ll clear any dust and cobwebs, including the skirting boards. We never forget about the harder-to-reach areas, like your radiators and curtain rails.

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We’ll clean your oven inside and out to remove all of that grease and grime that builds up over the years of use.

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Kitchen cupboards

Get your cupboards cleaned inside and out, as well as the tops, to remove all that dust and debris that builds up over time.

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No matter what furniture you need cleaning, we’ll dust and vacuum inside and underneath, as well as clear any debris from the furniture. This service includes the cleaning of drawers, shelves and cupboards.

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Metal services & glass

We’ll use the appropriate, high-quality products to clean any glass or metal surfaces.

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We can clean the shower tiles, plus all the grouting and drains, as well as polish the shower hose, leaving your whole shower looking immaculate.

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Using our high-quality products, we can clean and wipe down your toilet, as well as descaling where necessary.

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Bath & sink

We’ll use our expertise and high-quality products to descale the inside of your sink and tub, as well as polish the taps and clean your drains.

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Using high-quality, eco-friendly products we’re able to remove all the limescale on your sink and taps, as well as giving them a clean and polish.

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Decorating services


From a new kitchen or bathroom, to painting or a complete property refurbishment; get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with your refurbishment project.

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From assembling flat-packed furniture to hanging a mirror for you, we can do it all! Just get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

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We tackle interior and exterior painting projects for both domestic and commercial clients.

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